Music Is A Language:
Victor Wooten on Why That Is
- How To Practice

Yes, MUSIC IS A LANGUAGE.  How often have we said and heard that?  But in these videos, Victor Wooten brings new truth to that old familiar saying.

In the video below, Victor Wooten expands on this material and goes on to build the compelling case that, as music is a language, it is also a UNIVERSAL language.  And may even be the most effective vehicle to achieve World Peace.

Victor Wooten really slams this point home, but with supreme grace and sensibility - as befits a True Teacher [at 17:10].  But, he expands on all the points in the first video too.  So, do watch ALL of this:

I SO agree with the above.  Note the example of these three orchestras composed of Israelis, Arabs and others, who can and do ignore politics to play music together: The Polyphony FoundationThe Arab-Jewish Orchestra, and The West-Eastern-Divan Orchestra.

[Another point Victor Wooten addresses is: teaching music in the "spirit of play", there is one well-established methodology which employs this principle - The Orff Schulwerk.]

You can get into MORE of his ground-breaking ideas in his book: THE MUSIC LESSON - A SPIRITUAL SEARCH FOR GROWTH THROUGH MUSIC.

Music IS a language, and VICTOR WOOTEN is a true poet.

Though Victor Wooten is not a "writer". you can "read through" that to reach what he does have to say about the mental and spiritual aspects to and attitudes about playing music, and how to practice it.

These ideas are ingenious and quite enlightening. AND yes, a few practical strategies for actually improving one's technique are in those pages if that's what one is looking for. I counted about eleven substantive ideas which can be employed as 'exercises'.. I use them and they do bring a new mindfulness and freedom to ones approach to the instrument.

If you are familiar with KENNY WERNER'S work, then this should be familiar ground. But, you don't have to get into the "subjective" aspect of either of those if that's not to your taste. The "objective" examples in Victor Wooten's book of: how to use silence, the groove, etc., are enough to push your musicianship forward, big-time! Everything else is "gravy", and an entertaining read. What's not to like? ::))

And there are many, many other techniques, methods and teachers who are - thankfully - bringing music teaching out of the "NO! NO! NO!  You DUMMKOPH [blockhead] You are doing it WRONG!  And you will NEVER become a Great Artist!" era, a few of which I have presented on these pages.

So besides "music is a language", let's look at a few others:

Destroying the myth of: "Perfect pitch is something you are born with - If you don't have it, it can't be developed"

Here's another "myth-bust": "Creativity is elusive, and no one really knows how to acquire or develop it - Some have it and some don't." 

And another: "If it's not AGONIZINGLY BORING, then you aren't practicing.  So just use your hands only and get through it."

Well, if you've been around this site for a while, you know I've got a nice collection of "myth-busting" tools to help you in all aspects of music.  Reach out to me through my "contact me" page if you want the latest 'stuff'.

Let's Make Music Better!

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