A definition of creativity, the "adhd myth" and more;

Here's another "definition of creativity" talk by SIR KENNETH ROBINSON. on how false assumptions [the "adhd myth"] and obsolescent methods of education are dangerously putting our children to sleep, when they should be encouraged to wake up:


Educators and concerned parents need to face facts: "THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES".

Aside from the valid "systemic" inefficiencies of current education which Sir Kenneth Robinson points out in his talk, [Which I shall take up on other pages] there is a disturbing, and very destructive trend occurring in the US school system - the over-prescription of powerful psych drugs to schoolchildren.

This, of course, makes moot any approach to a definition of creativity in the classroom, in teaching methodologies or, in reaching and "igniting" young minds; as it is a known and observed fact that psych drugs KILL creativity!

And Kenneth Robinson is not the only accredited scholar to state this:

Here are some very interesting statistics which show that "adhd" is NOT evenly distributed, as one would assume, but that the pattern follows some very curious parameters:

* "According to surveys, one out of ten children is diagnosed with ADHD and 90% of ADHD sufferers are misdiagnosed in America."

* "The number of people diagnosed as ADHD in the United States dwarfs any other country. - The U.S. produces and uses 80% of the world’s stimulants such as Ritalin–ten times more than Europe and industrialized Asia."

* "An ADHD diagnosis is most likely to be made in people who can afford it. - A neuropsychiatric evaluation costs anywhere from $250 to $1,500 and drugs run $30-60 a month."

* "Several studies have shown that African-Americans, Asian-Americans, and other minorities are much less likely to receive the ADHD diagnosis than people with a Caucasian background."

* "Virginia has the highest per capita use of Ritalin among the states, with rates six times higher than that of the lowest state, Hawaii. After Virginia, the next four states are South Carolina, Delaware, Indiana, and Michigan." [Which leads us to an interesting question - Why Virginia so high, and Hawaii so low? Certainly the respective school and family environs can't be THAT disparate, can they?]

The absence of a "uniform distribution" of a presumed general malady makes even the ACTUALITY of "adhd" rather suspect, as Ken Robinson points out quite plainly and even humorously in his talk, above.

Here is an example of how the rise in adhd diagnosis is a cause of concern for FUTURE educators: JESSICA CHA is a senior at USC, with a major in music and a minor in music industry. She plans "to work in digital marketing for a music company and later pursue a degree in music education".

In her blog, she writes: "The increasing number of adhd diagnoses in America concerns me. [...] it's hard to believe that students in America can't take on their tasks, without the help of medication, more than any other country in the world. It also worries me that ridalin and adderall, which are anesthetics that dull creative thinking and processing, are plaguing the classrooms which [produce those people who] will run this country in the future."

And hers is not some "isolated" opinion; There are many thousands of educators and scholars who, knowing the actual statistics, share the same views.

Thankfully then, It does seem that the tide of opinion is turning, as more and more data and truth is brought to light about the misconceptions and resultant harm caused by the widespread psych-drugging of our future society.

I am looking forward to MORE "definition of creativity" and more talks from Sir Kenneth Robinson and others, and still MORE advocacy and activity in the cause of fostering inspiring, humane and productive education: not just of music and the arts, but ALL education. Thanks for reading this.

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