Which came first?


Does Music CREATE intelligence?

Direct observation and massive statistics overwhelmingly demonstrate that the study and playing of music develops the intelligence and spirit in all of its facets, emotional, social, computational, etc.

The human evidence is striking - and it is everywhere:

The above is just one example - Derek Paravicini: "31 years old. He's been blind since birth and is severely autistic. In many ways, Derek functions like a four-year-old; And yet he is an astonishingly, almost bafflingly brilliant pianist."

Now here is another example of the fundamental connection between music and intelligence, and music's power of bring order and functionality to the psyche - His name is MATT GIORDANO and his story is quite significant; In the NOVA documentary "MUSICAL MINDS", Matt discusses how music totally counteracted Tourette's Syndrome, when nothing else could or did.

As Matt relates: "Oh absolutely, absolutely. I mean, I don't know if there's proof or not, but I mean, how much proof do you need to realize? This is pudding, you know? The proof is in the pudding.

"I was playing this rhythm in a very balanced form of my body, a very balanced form of tempo and everything else. It was almost like my brain was a puzzle, right? And some of the pieces were not in place, and, all of a sudden - it kind of just clicked into place. And it literally went down my entire body, about that fast, and it was a very symmetrical balance of my entire being. When that happened, it was amazing."

And this is how Matt plays drums:

I believe from these examples that the ability to hear and play and even compose music is a very "robust" faculty - It functions where any and all other faculties of the personality are missing due to genetic factors, or even have been lost or destroyed due to structural damage.

Let's look at another example of the relationship between music and intelligence; Here is Rex Lewis-Clack:

By all these examples, we see a profound connection between music and intelligence - "Intelligence" creates music, but music also CREATES intelligence.

Music and music-making are naturally seen as dwelling in the Olympian "heights" of the human psyche, a final product and ultimate expression of consciousness. Even the word "music" originally meant "the art of the Muses", who were Goddesses - daughters of Zeus. But this should not cause us to overlook the fact that the capacity to create music is also "raw material", existing in full force in the very core of the mind and spirit of everyone, even when little else does or can, such as language.

As noted Neurologist Oliver Sacks, author of "AWAKENINGS" and "MUSICOPHILIA" states on his "NOVA" program in answer to the question: "What came first, music or language?"

OLIVER SACKS: "Well, this has been argued for two and a half centuries and will probably continue to be argued. Various people, from William James to Stephen Pinker, have seen music as trivial. But I think it's difficult to match that up with the fact that music occurs in every culture that we know of...a central role, or many, many central roles."

For still more data on "music and intelligence":

MUSIC and INTELLIGENCE and SANITY, the connection - Watch this video from TED:

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