AN ARTICLE ABOUT CREATIVITY - with ONE creativity quote which explains it all! Really.

--- Start of Exercise: 10:20 AM, May 14th, 2012 --

This is an article about creativity and a production exercise suggested to me by my wife. She just told me: "Write something".

That's it. Just write something. For ten minutes, to start.

It doesn't have to "be about" anything. Just as long as it is something that comes out of you. Already it becomes evident that a subject will appear and 'extract itself' as you go along. So the game is to keep going despite subjective mental "chatter".

Now, I suppose one would also tend to look ahead and find the 'use' of this. That's ok, so long as you just KEEP WRITING..

This is rather interesting, no?

OK, let's go back to the ideas of "creativity and production". These words, to me, are naturally synonymous. Even something as mundane as a table had to start in the mind of someone somewhere. Who thought of the first table? Was it that guy, Ug? Probably. But well, here I am at my desk [a specialized table] typing this. See? This is cool.

So, what does this have to do with SONGWRITING? Everything. As we mentioned on other pages, the genesis activity of writing is by nature getting the damn thing out in the first place!

So the above, I propose, is an excellent way to do it - just start. THEN let the subject or concept itself determine its course. Collaboration may make this 'brainstorming' easier or harder. These are things to experiment with, also.

You could also look at this as 'flywheeling'. By itself, the flywheel just stands there, But as one keeps putting energy into it, it goes faster and faster and then takes very little energy to keep it moving. It works that way in the physical universe, and also seems to work that way in the realm of thought. Again - nature "wants" to help you get your creation out!

The German philosopher and writer, Goethe, actually has a lot of useful material on this. But one quote in particular applies here: "Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth: Begin It Now."

Happy Creating!!

--- End Of Exercise: 10:26 AM, May 14th 2012 ---

Well! That was refreshing! [This article about creativity DID seem to "write itself" and resolve to a conclusion before the ten minutes elapsed, so I ended off. Wifey-approved!]

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